Personal. Service. Delivered.


At FreightCo Logistics, we provide flexible technology-driven logistics solutions that are customized and scalable to the needs of every customer. Understanding the niche requirements within various industries allows us to offer unique global transport solutions across a broad spectrum of markets. Tracking and reporting is also tailored to the needs of every stakeholder across the company, be it Finance, Logistics or Procurement. This personal approach allows us to cater to logistics needs in a very specific way to focus your time and people on the core needs within your business.


FreightCo Logistics’ complete logistics package comes standard with personalized 24/7 service and customer satisfaction. Our professionals have in-depth experience and understanding of how your shipments need to move globally. Our advanced technology keeps your team up-to-date at any time of day with real-time location and shipment status.


We offer seamless worldwide air, ocean and ground transport solutions. FreightCo Logistics provides full service international and US domestic freight forwarding services with cutting-edge technology platforms providing integrated shipment initiation tools and tracking. Get connected to our supply chain solutions with sophisticated inventory management control systems and fulfillment services.


FreightIQ is our innovative central technology platform developed for today’s globally connected marketplace. Under the FreightIQ umbrella, FreightCo Logistics is able to provide custom technologydriven logistics solutions to manage your supply chain. Integrated management tools are only a click away. Customers are easily able to configure E-mail status alerts and notifications and retrieve shipment information such as labels, HAWBs and Manifests. The system provides a complete overview of all shipments – past and current. FreightIQ’s virtual warehouse systems let you see incoming and outgoing shipments, order information, SKU details, and provide the ability to generate reports quickly and easily.