What is your FreightIQ?

With a continuously expanding globally-connected marketplace, FreightCo assures your inbound transportation and logistics needs are being taken care of with the highest level of customer service standards and state-of-the art technology through FreightIQ. Our FreightIQ web-based software solutions is an innovative central technology platform developed for today’s evolving retail and e-commerce businesses, from startups to the world’s leading online retailers.

We will handle your logistical needs by providing you with an efficient and easily accessible way to manage your inbound logistics challenges. With only a few key pieces of data, FreightCo Logistics will completely take over and ensure delivery.

FreightIQ’s purchase order Transportation Management System (TMS) provides you full transparency of all data and updates throughout the transportation process and the ability to generate reports quickly and easily. You are able to review instant status alerts and notifications from the time you negotiate the order until it’s on your fulfillment warehouse floor. Along the way you can also retrieve shipment information such as labels, HAWBs, Manifests, etc. Additionally, FreightIQ is compatible with virtually every e-commerce ERP platform.

  • Hassle-free solutions
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Predictable results

Technology to Simplify and Deliver

Our advanced technology keeps you up-to-date any time of the day with the location and status of your shipments, regardless of where you are or your device. We have condensed the information necessary down to only vital data points. Tell us:

  • Where it is
  • What it is and
  • EXACTLY when you want it delivered to your distribution center.

Once your order is in your system, it’s in our hands and out of your hair.